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Promotional Opportunity

Yard Sale is extending special offers to a number of select businesses who would like to receive free advertising space on this website, in exchange for reciprocal links, ads, or other form of sponsorship.

Additionally, business that advertise on Yard Sale may be listed on other participating websites!

Call or email today to be considered for this limited opportunity.

Standard Business Package

Have a business in the Knoxville area? Advertise it on Knoxville's Yard Sale!

A standard package includes:

  • Your Small Advertisement featured next to yard sale listings and on other pages throughout Yard Sale Your ad may also be listed on a number of other participating websites. When people click your ad, they will be taken to your website, or to your Full-Page Advertisement.
  • Your Full-Page Advertisement featured in the Local Ads Section. Full page ads can contain additional information, links, photos, videos, maps, coupons, etc.
  • Layout assistance, to help you put everything together.

Creating Your Advertisement!

When collecting material and deciding on a write-up for your ad, you should consider the following marketing strategies:

  • Include a picture of your store front to help people recognize your place of business and find you easier.
  • Include a sentence or two describing where your business is located.
  • If you have a vehicle with your company graphics on it, consider using it in your ad to promote recognition of your business.
  • Use close-up photos of your best products or services.
  • Include a short price list of your best items or services.
  • Offer printable coupons or limited-time promotions to draw people into your store.
  • If you include a special promotion in your ad, consider offering the same promotion on your own website.
  • Plan out how to use your online advertising in conjunction with your in-store promotional material. One simple strategy is to print out full-color copies of your ad and place them in your store, or distribute them to your customers with every purchase.

Marketing Services by Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ

For printing and marketing services, and day-to-day business needs, Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ offers business cards, banners, brochures, vehicle graphics, T-shirts and more!

Here is a short price list:

Advertising Terms of Service


Yard Sale is a service of Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ. All contracts and business shall be made or conducted with Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ.

Licensing and ownership of advertisements, web design, etc., shall be dealt with separately from this agreement. Any questions should be directed to Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ.

Advertising through this service shall not imply official endorsement of any person or company by another. Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ is selective of it's advertisers. Not every business that wishes to place an ad may be accommodated.

Beyond the cash amount paid for a specific service, the advertiser agrees not to hold Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ or its affiliates responsible for damages of any nature that may occur in relation to the service.

Advertising is offered by placement, and is not based on the number of times an ad is displayed or clicked. No compensation shall be made for any down-time which may occur due to problems with the Internet or problems with the service. (If there is a problem with the service call 865-963-8409.)


By participating in the link-exchange program, you enter into the following agreement between yourself, (or your company) and Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ.

The number of sites that display your ad may increase or decrease during the course of a link-exchange. From time to time, Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ may alter where and how your ad is displayed.

At any time, either you or Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ may choose to end your link-exchange.

You agree not to hold any other participant in the link-exchange program liable for accidental damage or loss that may occur in relation to the program.


These Terms of Service may be modified from time to time by Creative Graphic Solutions.BIZ.

Thank you for advertising with Yard Sale!

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