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Can I post an ad for a town other than Knoxville?
Yes! You may post ads if you are in another town, or even another state. Ads are sorted by region. The Knoxville section includes Powell and other near-by areas, (unless otherwise specified). Click here to post your Yard Sale or Classified Ad.

How do I include a photo with my ad?
After you've posted an ad, simply email your photo to the address below. If your ad is approved, the photo will be included with your ad in as soon as one or two days.

Will you include my link on this site?
Yard Sale Adventure.com is on the lookout for sites that are interesting or useful to the Knoxville Community. If you have such a site, please email a link to the address below for consideration.

You may also be interested in a Standard Business Package which allows the use of coupons, full page graphics, and other features.

If you're selling something or have an announcement, you may submit a Classified Ad. However, such ads do not provide clickable links.

Why am I having trouble getting directions to a sale?
If a street address has not been provided, the mapping service may only mark the general area. On the other hand, the person posting the sale may have entered the wrong address or used an incorrect format. Make sure that the mapping service, in addition to marking a location, lists a compete address which matches the one in the original listing.

...Have another question? Send it to the address below.

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